Date Description
✔ Increased Savage BK Set damage.
✔ Increased Savage MG Set damage.
✔ Increased Savage ELF Set damage.
✔ Increased Savage SN Set damage.
✔ Increased Savage RF Set damage.
✔ Antilag Updated, Function is F7.

✔ Fixed Ghost horse bug while sealing.
✔ Fixed switcher name not showing in Castle Siege Event.
✔ Fixed Custom Wings option.
✔ Disabled twisting slash multi damage in Castle Siege Event.
✔ Disabled teleport when immobilized.
✔ Enabled trading/dropping of Muun Pet.

✔ You can now obtain Full Option fashion items in the Box of Kundun+1 to 4.
✔ You can now exchange your Jewel of Creation, Life, and Chaos for Hunt Points.

NPC: Golden Archer
Map: Devias (226, 66)
Ratio: 64 Jewels = 3 Hunt Points

✔ V2 Set option is now same to T8.
✔ Added Savage weapons in Cash Shop.
✔ Removed SS5 in Cash Shop.
✔ Increased Drop rate of Ancient Items.
✔ Changed the price of Buy VIP in-game from 250pc to 200pc.

✔ New pets added in Cash Shop.
✔ Changed potion rate to max 5 pots per second.
✔ Lessen the Dark Horse durability rate.

✔ Some changes on the firewall to prevent blocking legitimate connections.
✔ Added drop of Loot Box in Land of Trials.
✔ Changed Draw Online event prize to 5hp.
✔ Changed Draw Online event time to every 1 hour.

✔ Changed Chaos Castle Event time and reward.

Time: Every 8:00 PM (Monday to Friday).
Reward: 5 Pro Coins
Minimum User: 6

✔ Added PvP Championship event every Sunday 8:00 PM.

Minimum User: 8
Maximum User: 20
Prize: 2 Pro Coins per fight.
Best of 5
Entrance: Lorencia coordinates 130, 129.

Click Here

✔ Changed kundun respawn time to 6 Hours in non vip server and 4 hours to vip server.
✔ Lessen the life and defense of kundun.
✔ Increased drop rate of Loot Box.
✔ Lessen the Dark Horse durability rate.

✔ Removed the rank logo overhead to lessen the lag.
✔ Lessened the flinch rate of BK Class.
✔ Added Online Points reward every 20 minutes. 6 Online Points in Non VIP and 8 Online Points in VIP.
✔ Added command exchange online points to hunt points.

You can see the commands here: Click Here

✔ Added Seals in Cash Shop.
✔ Added T3 Accessories in Cash Shop.
✔ Increased the price of the following items in Hunt Points.

Skeleton Transformation Ring
Panda Ring
Brown Panda Ring
Pink Panda Ring
Pet Panda
Pet Skeleton
Pet Unicorn

✔ Anti Hack Updated.
✔ Added more mobs in Land of Trials.

✔ Changed automated freebies to T7 Gear with 1 month expiration.

✔ Anti Hack Updated.
✔ Fixed Stun.
✔ Fixed Cure.
✔ New menu option.
✔ New Advanced Status interface.
✔ Auto Ctrl Key added. Press Ctrl Key 3 times to activate/deactivate.
✔ Server and Local time added.

✔ Duel room bug fixed.

✔ Added drop of Fenrir ingredients in Crywolf Map.
✔ Red Fenrir can be upgrade to Wolf Warrior.
✔ Black/Blue Fenrir can be upgrade to Noa/Bloodshade Panther.
✔ Noa/Bloodshare Panther can be upgrade to Tiger King.

Watch this video: FENRIR TO TIGER KING MIX

✔ Added Spots in LOT.
✔ Fixed summon message bug.
✔ Fixed Wizardry Damage of the weapons below.

Blue Eye Staff
Blue Eye Stick
Halloween Staff
Halloween Stick
Savage Staff
Savage Stick
Blue Eye Magic Sword
Halloween Magic Sword
Savage Magic Sword

✔ Fixed Increases pet attack power of the weapons below.

Blue Eye Scepter
Halloween Scepter
Savage Scepter

✔ Increased the damage of the weapons below.

Blue Eye Claw
Halloween Claw
Savage Claw
Halloween Sword
Savage Sword
Halloween Bow
Savage Bow
Savage Crossbow
Blue Eye Short Sword

✔ Refine bundled Gemstone in Chaos Goblin.
✔ Lessen the drop rate of gemstone.
✔ Increased the drop rate of excellent items.
✔ Added spots in Icarus map.
✔ 2 Wings added Savage Wing and Small Savage Wing.
✔ Added drop of Savage Feather in Icarus.
✔ Added drop of Savage Flame in Land of Trials.

Savage Wing ingredients:

1x Savage Feather
1x Savage Flame
10x Bundled Jewel of Bless 30s
10x Bundled Jewel of Soul 30s
1x Bundled Jewel of Chaos 30s
1x Bundled Jewel of Creation 30s

20% Success Rate

PS: Small Savage Wing cannot be crafted.

✔ Added drop of Savage Horse Spirit Fragment in Kanturu Relics.
✔ Savage Horse Mix.

Savage Horse ingredients:

1x Savage Horse Spirit
10x Bundled Jewel of Guardian 30s
10x Bundled Jewel of Life 30s
1x Bundled Jewel of Chaos 30s
1x Bundled Jewel of Creation 30s

20% Success Rate

AntiLag Updates:

✔ [NEW] Disable Excellent Effect
✔ [NEW] Disable Ancient Effect
✔ [NEW] Macro Potions (Long press Q,W,E, or R for auto pots)
✔ [NEW] Disable Mini Map CS
✔ [NEW] Disable Raven for DL
✔ Drag Window
✔ Save Selection
✔ Remove SD Explosion effect with Disable Skill.

✔ Fixed T8 helms texture.
✔ New Anticheat.
✔ T9 Silverheart was added in-game and will be added in the quest soon.

✔ Added more spots in new maps.
✔ Fixed portals in new maps.
✔ Fixed Navigator (Tab) in new maps.
✔ 3 Max Guild Alliance.
✔ Changed Quest Number 9 reward.
✔ Added new quest.


✔ Changed global stun effect duration to 1 second.


✔ Changed Spear Mastery Double Damage from 9% to 4%.
✔ Changed Increases Double Damage Rate from 3% to 15%.
✔ Changed Increases Ignore Damage Rate from 3% to 9%.
✔ Changed Multi-Shot-Mastery Stun Effect from 9% to 7%.
✔ Changed Combo Strengthener from 13% to 8%.
✔ Changed Increases Critical Damage Rate from 3% to 5%.
✔ Changed Increases Excellent Damage Rate from 3% to 5%.
✔ Changed Restore all SD from 1% to 5%.
✔ Changed Restore all HP from 1% to 5%.


✔ Removed push back effect on Lunge Skill.
✔ Earthquake Throw Distance max 3 tiles.
✔ Moving while using summon skill is disabled.


✔ Changed Ignore Defense from 32% to 17%.
✔ Greater Damage buff +30% effect to other class.
✔ Greater Defense buff +10% effect to other class.
✔ Mana Shield buff +20% effect to other class.
✔ Weakness and Innovation duration changed to 30 seconds.


✔ Changed Savage Set Double Damage from 25% to 28%.
✔ Changed Necklace of Ultuma Triple Damage from 5% to 3%.
✔ Added 20% SD Bypass Resistance on Custom Pet and Horse.
✔ Changed T9 Set Ignore Enemy's Defense from 15% to 17%.


✔ Lessen the attack speed of SM.
✔ Lessen the ELF flinch rate from 20% to 10%.
✔ Class vs Class damage rebalanced.


✔ Dead seal disabled.
✔ Changed seal time duration from 20 seconds to 15 seconds.


✔ Fixed summon to Atlans Abyss.


✔ Changed Increases Critical Damage Rate from 5% to 10%.
✔ Changed Increases Excellent Damage Rate from 5% to 20%.


✔ Slightly reduced the damage of DL to BK.


✔ +10000 HP to T9 BK, SM, MG and ELF.
✔ +8000 HP to T9 DL.
✔ +7500 HP to T9 SN.
✔ +2500 HP to T9 RF.


✔ Slightly reduced the damage of DL to DL.
✔ Slightly reduced the damage of SM to DL.


✔ Additional 10% Greater Defense buff to other class.
✔ Additional 5% Mana Shield buff to other class.



✔ Additional 5% damage on MG to DL.
✔ Additional 5% damage on ELF to DL.
✔ Additional 5% damage on DL to DL.
✔ Additional 5% damage on DL to RF.


Here is the list of effects that cannot be removed by elf cure. The only remaining effect that can be removed by elf cure is the Summoner innovation and weakness.

As we can see before it sometimes takes time before an elf can remove innovation and weakness because it has to randomly remove or cure all the effects one by one, making us think an Elf cure is not working.

And with the removal of all the other effects that needs to be cured, an Elf cure can now prioritize the removal of innovation and weakness effect to the other character.

Chain Drive
Drain Life
Poison Arrow
Ice Storm
Ice Arrow
Earth Prison
Sword Slash
Lightning Storm

✔ Changed the cooldown of Fire Slash reduce defense effect to 2 seconds.
✔ Changed the cooldown of Chain Drive reduce movement effect to 2 seconds.


✔ Removed Excellent Damage Rate on T4 to T9 DL and increased their Critical Damage Rate. This includes V2 DL Set as well.

PS: DL Damage is based on Critical Damage. T9 DL has 27% more EDRI than Savage Set. That makes Savage Set more ideal to use because of less EDRI. So we need to balance/match it.


✔ Added 11.5k HP on T9 BK.


✔ Added 10% damage on MG to DL (CS SERVER ONLY).
✔ Decreased damage of ELF to SM.
✔ Decreased damage of ELF to BK.


✔ Changed Multi-Shot Mastery stun chance from 7.02% to 5.02%.


✔ Rebalanced ELF vs ELF,MG,SN and RF.


✔ Removed all existing alliance.
✔ Max Guild Member = 40
✔ Max Guild Alliance = 2


✔ Removed bug arrow/bolt.


✔ Added Muun Shop located at Lorencia 130,147.

The price of the muun is 1000 Online Points.

✔ Added defense to T9 SM
✔ Added VIP Shop in Lorencia.
✔ PvP Championship Event updated.

Minimum Participants = 10
Maximum Participants = 20

Reward = 50pc

✔ Added 5 seconds cooldown to Teleport Skill in CS Server only.
✔ Added drop of Red ribbon box to Monster Level 1 to 97.

Red ribbon box contains Jewels, Bundled Jewels, 3-4 opt Savage Weapons and New Wings (WOP, Halloween Wings and Savage Wings not included).

✔ Added drop of Talisman of Savage in Barracks map. This can be used to upgrade your Blue Flame Shield to Savage Shield.
✔ Added spots in Barracks map.
✔ You can now upgrade your T7 to T8 using Jewel of Evolution.

✔ Additional 20% drop rate for Talisman of Savage and Red ribbon box in PK Server (S2).
✔ Added Blue Flame Shield in Cash Shop.

✔ Added drop of Jewel of Excellent in Deep Dungeon Map.
✔ Added SS5 to NPC Silvia.

✔ New Jewel Bank.
✔ New ClearML Commands.
✔ New Item Stack.
✔ Infinite Arrow.
✔ Added Drop of Jewel of Evolution in Blood Castle Level 8.
✔ Added Blood Castle and Devil Square Ticket in Lorencia Bar NPC.
✔ Removed drop of Red Ribbon Box.
✔ Additional Warehouse.

✔ +10% Drop rate to jewels in LOT.
✔ Reset on spot enabled to Non VIP.
✔ Some changes on Quest System. Please see our website info.
✔ Increased Experience rate.
✔ Increased Success rate of Jewel of Excellent.
✔ You can now get FO Fashion Items, 2opt Savage Items, Fierce Lion, and Fierce Lion Rare in Senior Mix.
✔ You can now buy FO Fashion Items in Lorencia NPC Hanzo the Blacksmith for only 30 Pro Coins each.

✔ New PvP ring in Arena Map.
✔ Expanded the Devias PvP Event ring.
✔ Added drop of Pro Coin Voucher in Land of Trials (Low drop rate).
✔ Added drop of Hunt Point Voucher in Devil Squad and Blood Castle Event (Can obtain 1 or more per event).

✔ Fixed plasma storm skill on Custom Fenrirs.
✔ Changed the cooldown of plasma storm skill to 5 seconds.
✔ Increased chance rate of Fierce Lion and Savage parts in Senior Mix.
✔ Flag system added.
✔ PvP Rebalanced.

✔ Changed potion rate to 5 per second.
✔ Lessen the flinch rate of all class.
✔ Increased Penetration skill damage rate.
✔ Lessen damange rate of Multi-Shot skill.
✔ Increased damage rate of Decay and Ice Storm skill.
✔ Lessen damage rate of Cometfall/Blast skill.
✔ Summoners can now enjoy the PvP without using Debuff skills.
✔ Fixed sleep cooldown in skill tree.
✔ Changed sleep duration to 2 seconds.
✔ Automated freebies upgraded.

✔ Increased the damage and decreased the defense and resistance of Selupan.
✔ Changed Selupan,Nixie,Core Magriffy,God of Darkness,Lord of Ferea, and Lord Silvester drops.

T6 Items
T7 Items
T8 Items
2opt Savage Set and Weapons

✔ Changed loot box drops.

T6 Items
T7 Items
T8 Items
2opt Savage Set and Weapons
2opt Savage Wing and Small Savage Wing

✔ Silverheart Weapons added to Senior Mix.
✔ Added some questions to Quiz Event.

✔ New antihack system.
✔ Changed cure skill cooldown to 3 seconds.
✔ Changed extra vault to 2.

✔ OffHelper Enabled.

Time Limit:

Non VIP = 5 Hours
VIP = 8 Hours

✔ Summoner and Rage Fighter 15 GR Quest reward changed to weapons.

✔ PvP Adjustment.

SM Damage Rate to RF (↓)
417 >> 407

BK Damange Rate to MG (↓)
44 >> 43
BK Damange Rate to RF (↓)
48 >> 47

ELF Damage Rate to BK (↑)
530 >> 550
ELF Damage Rate to DL (↑)
662 >> 672

MG Damage Rate to SM (↑)
415 >> 430
MG Damage Rate to BK (↑)
310 >> 370
MG Damage Rate to DL (↑)
425 >> 447

DL Damage Rate to RF (↓)
173 >> 170

RF Damage Rate to SM (↑)
116 >> 120
RF Damage Rate to BK (↑)
105 >> 110
RF Damage Rate to DL (↑)
141 >> 145

✔ Guild War Update.

Minimum Online Members = 10
Max Score = 100
Guildwar Delay = 30 Minutes (You need to wait for another 30 mins to start a new war)
Reward = 20 Pro Coins

✔ Mix Update.

Requirements for creating Savage Wing, Imperial Wing, and Imperial Cloak:

1x Wing Feather Component
1x Wing Flame Component
10x Bundle of Jewel of Bless +2 (30s)
10x Bundle of Jewel of Soul +2 (30s)
1x Bundle of Jewel of Creation +2 (30s)
1x Bundle of Jewel of Chaos +2 (30s)

Requirements for creating Savage Horse and Imperial Horse:

1x Horse Spirit Component
10x Bundle of Jewel of Guardian +2 (30s)
10x Bundle of Jewel of Life +2 (30s)
1x Bundle of Jewel of Creation +2 (30s)
1x Bundle of Jewel of Chaos +2 (30s)

Wing Feather Component was previously Savage Feather.
Wing Flame Component was previously Savage Flame.

Horse Spirit Fragment was previously Savage Horse Spirit Fragment.
Horse Spirit Component was previously Savage Horse Spirit.

The drop rate and map location are still the same but we increased the success rate.

✔ MG and RF Damage rate to all class +5% (CS SERVER ONLY).
✔ Dark Horse absorb damage -10%.

✔ Auto reset command enabled to non vip.
✔ Converted grand resets to resets (1gr = 200rr).
✔ Changed quest GR requirement to RR.
✔ Increased zen drop value.

✔ Clear inventory command warning message.
✔ Create Account In-Game.
✔ Auto Save Login.
✔ Silverheart Weapons added to VIP Shop.
✔ Remove Buy VIP In-Game. (We will remove the VIP Server next month and open the VIP Shop to all)

✔ VIP Server removed.
✔ VIP Shop changed to Ultima Shop.
✔ VIP Quest changed to V2 Set Quest.
✔ New Voucher "Silverheart Weapon Voucher".

✔ Class vs Class Rebalanced.
✔ Rebalanced all sets.
✔ SD Ratio yellow option enabled.
✔ Removed Triple damage.
✔ 3 Skill Wind Combo only.
✔ New Voucher "Fierce Lion(White)".

✔ Changed Imperial Spear skill to Lunge Skill.

✔ New Voucher "Silverheart Shield".

✔ 10 Member party system.
✔ Castle Siege time changed to 7:30PM - 8:30PM
✔ New protection against multi skill hack.
✔ Freebies updated.

Type "/getfreeitems"

✔ Brings back the Rage combo of BK.
✔ New & Improved AntiLag.
✔ All mastery weapons are now socketed from Bloodangel up to BlueEyes.
✔ Added Ultimate Box (Drops on LOT, Blood Castle & Devil Square).
✔ Added Ignore Enemy Defense & Double Damage on Ex700 Sets.
✔ Added Ignore Enemy Defense & Double Damage on Halloween Sets.
✔ Increase Success Rate on Upgrading Item Level from +10 up to +15.
✔ LOT will be open for public.
✔ Added monster count per spot on LOT.
✔ Upcoming Castle Siege Marathon.

✔ Files Updated to Louis Update33.
✔ New & Improved Antihack *Optimized* Low Ram Usage.
✔ Offattack Hours adjusted from 5Hours to 8Hours
✔ Upgrading Item Level will no longer back to 0 *minus 2 item level only*.
✔ Added success rate on Jewel of Excellent.
✔ Added success rate on Jewel of Evolution.

✔ Increased SM and MG damage to PvM.
✔ Enabled Doppelganger and Imperial Guardian Event.

Drops: Ex700 Items 6opt, Mastery Shields 6opt, and T10 Items 2opt.

✔ Changed lorencia map design.

✔ Jewel of Excellent, Jewel of Evolution, and Talisman of Savage can now be used to +9 or above.
✔ You can now exchange your Savage wings for Imperial wings/cloak through NPC Quest System.
✔ Pandora event enabled.

Event Time: Every hour
Event Duration: 3 minutes


1. When the event starts, you need to click the box that will appear in the middle of the Pandora Event ring.

2. Once you click the box, you will be notified that you have been cursed.

3. If you get killed by the other player, the curse will be transferred to them.

4. To win the event you need to keep the curse to you.


Ex700 Items (6 Excellent Option)
Savage Item Parts (6 Excellent Option)
Savage Weapons (6 Excellent Option)
BlueEye Item Parts (6 Excellent Option)
BlueEye Weapons (6 Excellent Option)
Imperial Item Parts (2 Excellent Option)
Imperial Weapons (2 Excellent Option)
Silverheart Item Parts (2 Excellent Option)
Silverheart Weapons (2 Excellent Option)
Manticore Item Parts (2 Excellent Option)

The reward will be inserted in gremorycase (press K to open gremorycase).

✔ Increased chance of Manticore Parts on Doppelganger and Imperial Guardian Event.
✔ Removed Ultima Shop NPC.
✔ Lucky Wheel spin requirement changed to 10 Pro Coins + 5 Bless.
✔ Added Special options for T1 accessories.
✔ Reduced the size of Pandora Event Ring.
✔ CashShop Updated.

✔ Added NPC Zyro in Lorencia Map for Magic Backpack and Vault Extension quest.
✔ Added Silverheart Cloak and Book to CashShop.

✔ T11 Weapons added in-game.
✔ New mount added Ur pet and Ur Pet Rare.
✔ Improved fierce lion options.
✔ New quest rewards.
✔ New freebies.

✔ Max guild alliance changed to 3.
✔ You will now be able to create MG,DL,SN, and RF without level requirement.
✔ Additional drop rate for Ultima Coin Fragment (4).

✔ T11 Weapons added in-game.
✔ New mount added Ur pet and Ur Pet Rare.
✔ Improved fierce lion options.
✔ New quest rewards.
✔ New freebies.

✔ Added some spots in Torment Island Map.
✔ Fixed mobs in Ferea Map.
✔ Improved the option of Wolf Pet.
✔ Added 4% double damage to swords when paired with a mace.
✔ Added Brilliant Weapons to World Bosses.
✔ Added 3 Premium Muun Pets.
✔ Increased drop rate of Ultima Coin Fragment (4).

✔ New Wings added to X-Shop.
✔ Elemental Shop added to Acheron Map (Coordinates 54,198).
✔ Errtel ingredients now drop in Acheron and Deventer Maps.
✔ Many spots were added to the Acheron and Deventer Maps.