Date Description
✔ Increased Savage BK Set damage.
✔ Increased Savage MG Set damage.
✔ Increased Savage ELF Set damage.
✔ Increased Savage SN Set damage.
✔ Increased Savage RF Set damage.
✔ Antilag Updated, Function is F7.

✔ Fixed Ghost horse bug while sealing.
✔ Fixed switcher name not showing in Castle Siege Event.
✔ Fixed Custom Wings option.
✔ Disabled twisting slash multi damage in Castle Siege Event.
✔ Disabled teleport when immobilized.
✔ Enabled trading/dropping of Muun Pet.

✔ You can now obtain Full Option fashion items in the Box of Kundun+1 to 4.
✔ You can now exchange your Jewel of Creation, Life, and Chaos for Hunt Points.

NPC: Golden Archer
Map: Devias (226, 66)
Ratio: 64 Jewels = 3 Hunt Points

✔ V2 Set option is now same to T8.
✔ Added Savage weapons in Cash Shop.
✔ Removed SS5 in Cash Shop.
✔ Increased Drop rate of Ancient Items.
✔ Changed the price of Buy VIP in-game from 250pc to 200pc.

✔ New pets added in Cash Shop.
✔ Changed potion rate to max 5 pots per second.
✔ Lessen the Dark Horse durability rate.

✔ Some changes on the firewall to prevent blocking legitimate connections.
✔ Added drop of Loot Box in Land of Trials.
✔ Changed Draw Online event prize to 5hp.
✔ Changed Draw Online event time to every 1 hour.

✔ Changed Chaos Castle Event time and reward.

Time: Every 8:00 PM (Monday to Friday).
Reward: 5 Pro Coins
Minimum User: 6

✔ Added PvP Championship event every Sunday 8:00 PM.

Minimum User: 8
Maximum User: 20
Prize: 2 Pro Coins per fight.
Best of 5
Entrance: Lorencia coordinates 130, 129.

Click Here

✔ Changed kundun respawn time to 6 Hours in non vip server and 4 hours to vip server.
✔ Lessen the life and defense of kundun.
✔ Increased drop rate of Loot Box.
✔ Lessen the Dark Horse durability rate.

✔ Removed the rank logo overhead to lessen the lag.
✔ Lessened the flinch rate of BK Class.
✔ Added Online Points reward every 20 minutes. 6 Online Points in Non VIP and 8 Online Points in VIP.
✔ Added command exchange online points to hunt points.

You can see the commands here: Click Here

✔ Added Seals in Cash Shop.
✔ Added T3 Accessories in Cash Shop.
✔ Increased the price of the following items in Hunt Points.

Skeleton Transformation Ring
Panda Ring
Brown Panda Ring
Pink Panda Ring
Pet Panda
Pet Skeleton
Pet Unicorn

✔ Anti Hack Updated.
✔ Added more mobs in Land of Trials.

✔ Changed automated freebies to T7 Gear with 1 month expiration..