Date Description
✔ Increased Savage BK Set damage.
✔ Increased Savage MG Set damage.
✔ Increased Savage ELF Set damage.
✔ Increased Savage SN Set damage.
✔ Increased Savage RF Set damage.
✔ Antilag Updated, Function is F7.

✔ Fixed Ghost horse bug while sealing.
✔ Fixed switcher name not showing in Castle Siege Event.
✔ Fixed Custom Wings option.
✔ Disabled twisting slash multi damage in Castle Siege Event.
✔ Disabled teleport when immobilized.
✔ Enabled trading/dropping of Muun Pet.

✔ You can now obtain Full Option fashion items in the Box of Kundun+1 to 4.
✔ You can now exchange your Jewel of Creation, Life, and Chaos for Hunt Points.

NPC: Golden Archer
Map: Devias (226, 66)
Ratio: 64 Jewels = 3 Hunt Points

✔ V2 Set option is now same to T8.
✔ Added Savage weapons in Cash Shop.
✔ Removed SS5 in Cash Shop.
✔ Increased Drop rate of Ancient Items.
✔ Changed the price of Buy VIP in-game from 250pc to 200pc.

✔ New pets added in Cash Shop.
✔ Changed potion rate to max 5 pots per second.
✔ Lessen the Dark Horse durability rate.

✔ Some changes on the firewall to prevent blocking legitimate connections.
✔ Added drop of Loot Box in Land of Trials.
✔ Changed Draw Online event prize to 5hp.
✔ Changed Draw Online event time to every 1 hour.

✔ Changed Chaos Castle Event time and reward.

Time: Every 8:00 PM (Monday to Friday).
Reward: 5 Pro Coins
Minimum User: 6

✔ Added PvP Championship event every Sunday 8:00 PM.

Minimum User: 8
Maximum User: 20
Prize: 2 Pro Coins per fight.
Best of 5
Entrance: Lorencia coordinates 130, 129.

Click Here

✔ Changed kundun respawn time to 6 Hours in non vip server and 4 hours to vip server.
✔ Lessen the life and defense of kundun.
✔ Increased drop rate of Loot Box.
✔ Lessen the Dark Horse durability rate.

✔ Removed the rank logo overhead to lessen the lag.
✔ Lessened the flinch rate of BK Class.
✔ Added Online Points reward every 20 minutes. 6 Online Points in Non VIP and 8 Online Points in VIP.
✔ Added command exchange online points to hunt points.

You can see the commands here: Click Here

✔ Added Seals in Cash Shop.
✔ Added T3 Accessories in Cash Shop.
✔ Increased the price of the following items in Hunt Points.

Skeleton Transformation Ring
Panda Ring
Brown Panda Ring
Pink Panda Ring
Pet Panda
Pet Skeleton
Pet Unicorn

✔ Anti Hack Updated.
✔ Added more mobs in Land of Trials.

✔ Changed automated freebies to T7 Gear with 1 month expiration.

✔ Anti Hack Updated.
✔ Fixed Stun.
✔ Fixed Cure.
✔ New menu option.
✔ New Advanced Status interface.
✔ Auto Ctrl Key added. Press Ctrl Key 3 times to activate/deactivate.
✔ Server and Local time added.

✔ Duel room bug fixed.

✔ Added drop of Fenrir ingredients in Crywolf Map.
✔ Red Fenrir can be upgrade to Wolf Warrior.
✔ Black/Blue Fenrir can be upgrade to Noa/Bloodshade Panther.
✔ Noa/Bloodshare Panther can be upgrade to Tiger King.

Watch this video: FENRIR TO TIGER KING MIX

✔ Added Spots in LOT.
✔ Fixed summon message bug.
✔ Fixed Wizardry Damage of the weapons below.

Blue Eye Staff
Blue Eye Stick
Halloween Staff
Halloween Stick
Savage Staff
Savage Stick
Blue Eye Magic Sword
Halloween Magic Sword
Savage Magic Sword

✔ Fixed Increases pet attack power of the weapons below.

Blue Eye Scepter
Halloween Scepter
Savage Scepter

✔ Increased the damage of the weapons below.

Blue Eye Claw
Halloween Claw
Savage Claw
Halloween Sword
Savage Sword
Halloween Bow
Savage Bow
Savage Crossbow
Blue Eye Short Sword

✔ Refine bundled Gemstone in Chaos Goblin.
✔ Lessen the drop rate of gemstone.
✔ Increased the drop rate of excellent items.
✔ Added spots in Icarus map.
✔ 2 Wings added Savage Wing and Small Savage Wing.
✔ Added drop of Savage Feather in Icarus.
✔ Added drop of Savage Flame in Land of Trials.

Savage Wing ingredients:

1x Savage Feather
1x Savage Flame
10x Bundled Jewel of Bless 30s
10x Bundled Jewel of Soul 30s
1x Bundled Jewel of Chaos 30s
1x Bundled Jewel of Creation 30s

20% Success Rate

PS: Small Savage Wing cannot be crafted.

✔ Added drop of Savage Horse Spirit Fragment in Kanturu Relics.
✔ Savage Horse Mix.

Savage Horse ingredients:

1x Savage Horse Spirit
10x Bundled Jewel of Guardian 30s
10x Bundled Jewel of Life 30s
1x Bundled Jewel of Chaos 30s
1x Bundled Jewel of Creation 30s

20% Success Rate

AntiLag Updates:

✔ [NEW] Disable Excellent Effect
✔ [NEW] Disable Ancient Effect
✔ [NEW] Macro Potions (Long press Q,W,E, or R for auto pots)
✔ [NEW] Disable Mini Map CS
✔ [NEW] Disable Raven for DL
✔ Drag Window
✔ Save Selection
✔ Remove SD Explosion effect with Disable Skill.